G. Brock Magruder, M.D., Ret.

Emeritus Dr. G. Brock Magruder practiced ophthalmology in Orlando, Florida since 1963. Born and raised in Orlando, Dr. Magruder graduated from the Emory University School of Medicine in 1956 and then completed a three-year residency at New York Hospital Cornell University Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Magruder founded the Magruder Eye Institute and specializes in intraocular lens implant cataract surgery. He is a member of the American College of Eye Surgeons and is board certified by the American Board of Eye Surgery.

Dr. Magruder is an established leader in medicine and ophthalmology in Orlando and the State of Florida. He was the founder and first President of the Central Florida Society of Ophthalmology. Other positions Dr. Magruder has held in the medical community include President of the Florida Society of Ophthalmology and Chairman of the Florida Society for the Prevention of Blindness.

Dr. Magruder was also Chief of Ophthalmology and Chief of the Medical Staff at Holiday Hospital in Orlando, as well as Chief of Ophthalmology and President of the Medical Staff at Orlando Regional Health Center. He also held the position of Chairman of the Board of the Medical Eye Bank of Florida. Dr. Magruder currently serves on the board of the Crummer School of Business of Rollins College in Winter Park and as President of the Chesley G. Magruder Foundation in Central Florida.