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Michael Warner, M.D.

Ophthalmic and Orbitofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Orlando

Orlando Plastic Surgeon Michael Warner, M.D.Cross-Country Traveler Added to Magruder Eye Institute’s Roster.

Michael Warner, M.D., grew up in Albany, Oregon. As a youngster, playing golf, skiing, and windsurfing, it’s doubtful he ever thought that one day he would be an eye surgeon 3,104 miles away in Orlando, Florida. But that’s exactly what happened.

Michael’s father was an accountant and had quite a few doctors as clients. Some of these doctor clients became friends of the family and through deep conversations with them, it enabled Michael to see what it was like to start a career in medicine and build the life that it provides.

This was an important experience because as early as junior high school, Michael became interested in science and the medical field. Michael says proudly, “Even though my dad’s medical clients certainly helped shape my career path, it was still my dad who was the biggest influence as far as becoming a doctor. He just thought it was the best path for me.”

After graduating high school, he embarked on his first cross-country journey to Duke University in North Carolina. A sense of adventure and the fact that his mother claimed it was a great school was all he needed to go East. As an undergraduate, he studied zoology and chemistry with an intention to go on to medical school afterward.

The distance between his undergraduate school and his choice for medical school would turn out to be considerably shorter, (measuring zero miles), when he was accepted to Duke University School of Medicine. It was there, in his second year that his career started pointing in the direction of Ophthalmology. “I liked the dual aspects of it. There are not a lot of fields, where you diagnose the condition and can perform the surgery to actually fix it,” Michael recalls.

He earned his medical degree from Duke University School of Medicine and from there, it was back across the country for an internship in Portland, Oregon. For his residency, he trained in Ophthalmology at the world-famous Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, which, of course, is across the country. “I put a lot of miles on my car, in those days. But I was young and starting out, so it was exciting,” Michael remembers.

He left his residency and completed a research and clinical fellowship at Harvard University within the fields of ocular oncology and plastic surgery. Then it was time again to rack up some more miles. Michael left an academic position at Harvard to open a practice, back home in Eastern Oregon in 1995, performing General Ophthalmology and Oculoplastics.

Now, joining Magruder Eye Institute, there is the return of a very familiar theme in Michael’s life, a cross-country move. Along with his wife and four kids, Michael brought his expertise in treating diseases of the eye and his specialty, Ocuplastics, to Central Florida, where the change in climate was discovered quickly. “The weather is definitely not like it was in Oregon but it allows me to play golf and windsurf year-round, so, that’s a plus,” Michael says.

Dr. Warner is trained to treat diseases of the eye, and to perform ophthalmic and orbital plastic surgery. From BOTOX® and Derma fillers to reconstructive and cosmetic eye surgery, his wide range of ability and know-how makes Magruder Eye Institute’s stellar reputation even better. He loves the variety of surgeries he gets to perform but also, he is happy that his work is about helping people.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is when I perform lid lifts that give people better vision,” Michael states. “I also have a lot of pride in helping trauma victims and cancer patients with reconstructive surgery. It’s very gratifying.”

Dr. Warner sees patients in our Mills Avenue office in Orlando. To schedule an appointment, call (407) 893-8200.