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Arnaldo Martinez, O.D.

Optometrist in Orlando

Creating a relaxed experience for all his patients.

Dr. Arnaldo Martinez, is not only a U.S. Army Veteran but also a skilled and compassionate optometrist with expertise in various areas of optometry, including primary eye care and contact lenses. He received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in General Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico.

With a diligent and detail-oriented approach, Dr. Martinez has gained extensive professional experience. He has provided comprehensive eye exams, managed ocular diseases, and co-managed post-operative cases for cataracts, glaucoma, and YAG surgeries. His commitment to patient care extends to fitting a wide range of contact lenses, including hard-to-fit scleral contact lenses.

Dr. Martinez’s passion for optometry has taken him on remarkable journeys throughout his career. He has completed externships at esteemed institutions such as the CIBA Vision in Cidra Puerto Rico. These experiences have allowed him to excel in managing ocular diseases and expand his knowledge in various

Dr. Martinez’s commitment to professional growth is evident in his active participation in renowned organizations. He is a member of the American Optometric Association, National Glaucoma Society, and American Diabetes Association. These affiliations provide him with valuable networking opportunities and the ability to stay at the forefront of advancements in the field.

When Dr. Martinez is not in the office, you can find him living a very active life. He has a passion for working out and dancing ZUMBA, as he is a certified instructor. A true family man, he enjoys spending time with his teenage son and daughter, watching them play baseball and volleyball, traveling and acting as local tourists.

With his exceptional skills, extensive experience, and compassionate approach, Dr. Arnaldo Martinez is a valued member of Magruder Eye Institute. He strives to provide exceptional eye care to his patients, ensuring their vision and overall well-being are prioritized while also spending time educating his clinical support team.

Dr. Martinez is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and has a basic understanding of Portuguese.