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Eyesight Correction with OrthoKeratology to Safely Improve Distance Vision

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K for short, temporarily, quickly and safely corrects eyesight for better distance vision. Ortho-K is mainly used to correct near-sightedness, otherwise known as myopia. This vision problem can also usually be corrected by eye glasses, regular contact lenses, or refractive eye surgery. Orthokeratology is a surgery-free way for some people to leave their glasses behind during the day.

Custom-Fitted Contact Lenses

Because 60% of the eye’s focusing power comes from the cornea, this technique uses a custom shaped contact lens to gently correct the shape of the cornea. These specially-designed and fitted contact lenses are used to properly shape the cornea for clearer distance vision. The lenses are worn at night while sleeping. 

Ortho-K is comparable to, and perhaps even safer than, wearing ordinary contact lenses since these contact lenses are only worn seven to eight hours per night while sleeping. Clear vision is typically achieved in just one week of wearing the lenses at night. It is important, as with all contact lenses, to maintain good cleaning and hygiene discipline.

A Hard Lens with a Gentle Result

Rigid contact lenses are typically considered to be less comfortable than soft contact lenses. Hard contact lenses are reported to be uncomfortable in the beginning because of the eye blinking. With Ortho-K treatment, however, the eye is closed because the lenses are worn while sleeping.

Surgery-Free 20/20 Vision

Ortho-K does not require any surgery to perform this type of vision correction. With surgical correction, the shape of the eye and vision clarity could eventually change over time. Ortho-K, however, allows for a day of activities without glasses or contacts. In children, it even may slow the progression of worsening myopia.

The Ortho-K lenses must therefore be worn regularly so the corrected corneal shape is preserved and maintained. Usually they are worn only for part of the day, and typically only when asleep at night.

Safe for Children

Ortho-K is considered generally safe for younger patients. Vision can continue to change for some children into adulthood. Vision correction surgeries are not recommended until vision is stable. Ortho-K may be a great solution for a child’s changing eyesight. Studies prove that Ortho-K can slow down the progression of myopia in children.

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