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Eye Infections: A Guide to Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

One of the most annoying and dangerous conditions individuals face are from the least thought-of source: eye infections. Yet approximately one million Americans visit their eye doctor’s office every year to treat an eye infection.  Left untreated, these infections have serious consequences. With proper attention, however, most are small matters. Have your eyes been itchy? Red?… Read More


Magruder Eye Institute Founder Passes Away

  G. Brock Magruder, M.D., Ret. 1931- 2019   It is with great sadness that the staff and many friends of Magruder Eye Institute announce that our founder, G. Brock Magruder, M.D., Ret., passed away January 8 in Lake Mary, Florida at the age of 87. He is survived by his loving wife Polly, his… Read More


A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Oculoplastics

“You look 10 years younger! What’s your secret?” We don’t often those kinds of compliments, even after a great night’s sleep. But more and more, people are turning to Oculoplastic surgery as a way to turn back the clock on their appearance.  And for others, Oculoplastics is a necessity to help them with a medical… Read More