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Top Reasons to Get an Eye Exam Every Year (Even if Your Vision is Perfect)

Feeling a little “off” lately? Maybe it’s your glasses. Having an outdated prescription can lead to a number of health complications. These can be anything from blurry vision, dizziness, to severe headaches. These and other less obvious symptoms like squinting while working at a computer can suggest you need glasses. Lessening the likelihood of these complications is simple…. Read More


What are My Diabetic Retinopathy Options?

Did you know 422 million people worldwide were living with diabetes in 2014 alone? That amounts to 8% of the entire Earth’s population. But there are ways you can protect yourself from this potentially deadly disease. Let’s take a look at diabetic retinopathy and your options for diabetic retinopathy treatment. What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a condition in… Read More


Tricking and Treating: Diabetics Beware!

Halloween is a great time of the year! We get to dress up, go to parties, carve pumpkins, and enjoy the fall weather. There’s one problem with Halloween: candy can be found at every corner! While the festivities are fun, people with diabetes need to be careful about their sugar intake. Halloween can be a… Read More