Laser Cataract Surgery: What's in it for you? | Magruder Eye Institute

Laser Cataract Surgery: What’s in it for you?

So, you’ve found out you have cataracts. What’s next? What’s the difference between standard and laser cataract surgery? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? These are all questions that will run through your head. I’m here to give you information to help you make the best possible decision. The main difference in laser cataract surgery is the precise image guided laser that is used to create the incisions used to remove the cataract. With standard cataract surgery, the surgeon cuts these incisions himself. This allows for error or decreased precision. The femtosecond laser takes 3D images of your eye and creates a model of the exact locations the incisions should be. The laser makes these incisions before the surgeon begins to remove the cataract and replace it with a new lens. The laser is also used to help soften the hard cataract so it can be removed easier, and with less trauma or damage to the eye.

Laser cataract surgery makes the most difficult and challenging parts of cataract surgery accurate and easy for your surgeon. Along with laser cataract surgery, advanced technology lens implants are a great option for patients who wear glasses. For the majority of patients, we can give them an advanced lens that will improve their vision and reduce your need for glasses. Baby Boomers, such as myself, are still living a very independent lifestyle and glasses become a burden in day to day activities. Today, we have the technology to reduce your dependence on glasses and move onto a clearer way of life!